Ilketap Label Company


İLKETAP is committed to doing its activities responsibly to the environment and to protecting the health and safety of its employees.

We are constantly trying to improve our processes, improve our quality and strengthen our commitment to global resource management by protecting the environment in a healthy way for future generations.

Designing label solutions with minimal environmental impact

Preferring and using of all materials possible with limited carbon footprint

Work to reduce energy consumption and consumable materials. (thinner and recyclable))

To voluntarily act against deforestation,

Recognizing high-risk regions of the materials we supply in our branch and analysing possible actions

We also work with local recyclers by finding suitable treatment facilities for our waste materials.

Fully aware that sustainability is a common responsibility, ILKETAP ETIKET integrates environment-friendly solutions into all operations. Our goal is to implement sustainability practices that help the reduce carbon footprint and minimize environmental impacts.

FOR SUSTAINABILTY; we aim to reduce our
environmental impact by 30% in 10 years
 and to reinforce our sustainability by closely following the laws and technology that cover our field of work.