İlketap Label

İlketap Color Management

• Customer-oriented color management
• Prepress repro applications specific to each need through up-to-date programs
• Digital proofing and printing systems for customer approval
• Measurement devices with state-of-the-art technology

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Chromoline system

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4K camere color control system

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PDC color control system

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ICC color profile and calibration system

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Densitometric measuring instrument

İlketap Prepress

Plates for offset, serigraphic, flexographic and letterpress printing are manufactured within the company in a short time without having to depend on outsourcing. This enables the company to meet the urgent needs of customers in the shortest time possible.

A color management system has been implemented by means of investing in a digital proofing system and GMG rip software. This provides the company with the opportunity to present to customers beforehand the results to be achieved in print.

The company has become able to respond faster and more accurately to the quality expectation of the modern era by means of achieving printing standardization through new press and prepress technology investments and continuous training. Printing standardization enables companies to work reliably on innovative projects.


İlketap Press

Sheet Fed Label Printing

In addition to conventional printing, sheet fed label printing machines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies can also perform UV printing. Apart from paper, materials such as PP, PE, as well as metalized surfaces, can also be printed on.

Roll Label Printing

The combination printing machines with Nilpeter MO4 11 units manufacture high-quality self-adhesive labels with a single process through techniques such as flexographic, rotogravure, offset and serigraphic printing. Nilpeter, which ensures flexibility for preferences in printing techniques via its features, provides perfect results in printing. Many adhesive label materials such as paper, PP and PE, as well as metalized surfaces, can be printed on.

İlketap PostPress

Post Press

Labels of varying types of which the press processes are completed are delivered to the cutting department and packaged and prepared for shipment after being cut in high-capacity, fully-automated hydraulic cutting machines that can make plain or special (shaped) cuts.

Post Press

The labels are divided, rolled and inspected in the rolling department. The label rolling machine with 4K camera and 100% automated inspection system identifies beforehand any misprints or quality deviations in the production process. This enables operators to take the necessary corrective measures before costs are incurred and for misprinted labels to be disposed of before being delivered to